Surprise! Unders Drops In To Play A Set At Pile Palace

At Pile Palace, you never know who you might run in to. Of the thousands of booty shakers that drop in to get their fill of dusty dance floor heaven and a nice, full cup of cock...tail, there have been some pretty special moments, i.e. Seth Troxler's impromptu set in 2014, gifting Sean "Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Diddyiddy-O" Combs with a PP necklace back in 2015, and, well, the list goes on. Of our surprises in 2016 was a set that came flying in "under" the radar. That set, performed by Duncan Meulema aka Unders, literally came out of nowhere. But how did it happen? Where did the dusty man from the Netherlands come from? Why the fuck was he at our camp? We'll let him explain for himself while you toggle that [play button] on his live recording below...




So, you weren't originally scheduled to play at Pile Palace, right? How did events on the Playa lead you on your dusty path our way? 

Before heading out the dust, Patrice Baumel and I touched base and shared stories about the previous year. He gave me two tips: 1) Don't play too often, experience as much as you can of the Burn. 2) Play Pile Palace. Once I connected with you kids, everything fell into place smoothly and I took over the reigns after my friends, Mira & Chris. 


Had you heard of Pile Palace before?

I had not. I was aware of the Desert Hearts crew and the beautiful stories it's paired with.


What was your impression upon rolling up to our dusty little oasis?

It was like diving into a warm jacuzzi of smiles, laughter, and love after a 3-hour workout! Without any sort of planning, I ran into so many faces I had hoped to run into in general on the Playa. Everything fell into place, what a beautiful way to get introduced to the family.  


Were there any moments in particular that stuck out to you from your set or any other sets around the playa?

I might have received 15 gifts in the first 30 minutes of playing. Six new necklaces, nine different types of shots, three cocktails, a feather of some sorts, and an arsenal of high fives. This overwhelming energy made getting into the flow such a breeze. 


Favorite moments in general from the Burn?

Renewing my parents vows for their 40th anniversary at the Lighthouse, watching Mira for 8 hours at Monkey Love, jamming 6 hours with BeSvendsen, Britta Arnold, and Sven Thomas at Bubbles and Bass, and deserting across the playa dust storms on Sunday with all my new favorite people.


We love asking this question to our guests, so in your words, what does it mean to be a Pile? 

Wild, caring, fun, direct, curious and enthusiastic to both yourself and everyone you surround yourself with.