What is the pile palace?


What started off as only a handful of friends struggling to survive as virgin burners back in 2011, has quickly transformed into a camp that has become a well known and favorite camp to so many on the playa. Winning over hearts with the message of love, music, and being your weirdest truest self, The Pile Palace, now consisting of nearly 100 members, is a tight-knit family based in San Diego. The goal of the Pile Palace is to provide a space for burners to be able to do two things: PARTY and PILE. 

If there is one thing the Pile Palace takes seriously, its a good party. With three days dedicated to bringing you the best purveyors of music we can find, the Pile Palace throws all its force behind bringing you a spot to get your boogey on the dance floor. With delicious cocktails flowing, Funktion1 sound, and the best vibes that can possibly be conjured, our goal is to make sure a smile from ear to ear is on your face for every second that you spend in our beloved home. 

Dedicated to not only bringing you the party, but bringing you a place to pile is something we take equally seriously! With the second half of our camp being a plethora of day-beds, couches, pillow-pits and all around comfiness, we guarantee you that there will be no better place to get your rest---even with a raging party going on 10 feet away. Because at the Pile Palace, 'pile' is not just a noun--it's a verb and an adjective too.

When at the Pile Palace, there is no greater term of endearment than to be called a pile, and we hope that once you join us for a dance, a drink, and maybe a little tiger snooze, that you'll feel that way too.

Party 'til you Pile! Pile 'til you Party!



I felt my ego wither away and become part of something bigger and stronger. That night at the Palace taught me more in that respect than any other place at Burning Man.
— Patrice Baumel - DJ